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I oficially hate sequels...

Endless Knight  - Kresley Cole

Oh boy. I have waited so long for this book. When I finished the first book in the trilogy, “Poison Princess”, I wanted to throw my kindle on the wall. That was such an unfair ending. And than I waited a YEAR to read the sequel, to know more about the cards and swoon with Evie and Jack’s relationship. All this expectation led me to…a HUGE disappointment.


I don’t understand what the hell happened with the story. Honestly, the more I read the more I did not recognized Cole’s writing. The story picks up right where PP left us. Evangeline knows what she is and the spoiled girl is gone, she is strong now, she have abilities and know what to do with her power. Evie had a purpose: Find her grandmother and descover how to end the mess with the cards. So I assumed that “Endless Kinight” would be about  Evie meeting her grandmother, gaining more knowledge (and control) over her powers and destroying the creepy Death. Well, I missed the mark…Actually, I couldn’t be more wrong.


The author developed a whole new suplot that envolves Evangeline and Death. Yeah, we have a love triangle here. Miraculously the bad guy have the hots for the heroine. Our rude and gorgeous Cajun is pale in this story. Where is the hot headed, strong and protective guy we met in the first book?


It felt like the author did not developed the plot. When I finished “Endless Knight” it became clear that the story is stuck in the same conflicts of the first one. I’m so tired of being disappointed by series…


Still, I will read next book and find out how the author resolves the mess she made in this sequel.