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Who would say...that our Isaiah is the prince charming?

Crash into You - Katie McGarry

If you read the first two independent novels in the series (Pushing the Limits and Dare You To) you probably remember Isaiah's reputation. He is the ultimate bad boy. Tattoos, muscles, atitude and...yeah...a love for cars that makes you wonder "if this guy fall in love with a girl, he will be this devoted to her?". Well, I guess i have my answer now. Isaiah is the Prince Charming of the series. He calls Rachel (the female protagonist) his angel. Few nicknames have the power to make me squee and "angel" is one of them.

Let's understand a little bit about the plot in "Crash Into You". Isaiah is a foster kid brought by the american system. He is a very down to earth guy and have only one gol in life: finishing his course and work with cars. When his mother, who was convicted years ago comes back to the scene, he becomes a very very angry young man and makes a few mistakes that...*surprise* lead him to our heroine, Rachel. Poor girl, she have her problems too. Rachel was born after the death of her older sister (who suffered from a long sickness). She spent her whole life being the understudy for her deceased sister, her parents put so much pressure in her, that as child Rachel developed a severe case of panic attacks. Some people may not know anxiety as a true disease and think “this is generally a bad case of poor control or bullshit” (I have heard that before). As someone who suffered from this mental disease since an early age, I can tell you that there is no fun about this condition. It's like having an internal enemy, always trying to ruin-your-life. So I get Rachel and I get her fears. This is really personal for me, I wish I had a Isaiah looking out for me.

When this two meet, you feel this chemistry everywhere. You feel it inside you as you read Isaiah’s fascination for the blond, angelic girl with a mustang. Katie McGarry is a master in crating real romance, which obviously mean REAL human characters. There is nothing fake about the two protagonists and the support characters. In some levels, “Crah into You” is less intense that the previous books, Noah and Echo (Pushing the Limits) still have the winner prize for messed up life. But “Crah into You” is a true, full love story. The main conflicts revolve around the couple, their relationship and how they deal with the differences between them.
I have become a huge fan of Katie and I eagerly wait for her books. I was totally surprised by how much i loved Isaiah and Rachel, and to descover that Isaiah is a throughbreed Alpha Prince Charming.

In short…I lost my heart AGAIN. Thanks to this amazing author who knows how to write about feelings and people who overcome their fears to become more confident, strong and, consequently, the person they were meant to be all along.