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My name is Marina. I was born on a Friday of a beautiful day of March. The year was 1991 and the place was the idyllic Rio de Janeiro.Ok, enough with the David Copperfield crap. Although I actually love that book (I would marry Charles Dickens if I had a time machine). I've been reading all my life, honestly I don't know how to do anything else. The prove is that I actually work with books now that i'm a full grown woman of 22 years old! I'm a critic analyst for a brazilian publisher and if you have never heard of this profession...shame on you! Every editor needs a critic analyst. Basically i'm going to use this blog as tool to A) Work on my english!(I can read just fine, but writing is another Hell Level for me. Don't get me wrong, i love the language, i'm graduating on it!) B) Have some kind of control over what i'm reading (out of work) and my thoughts on it. If you want to become a stalker (what would leve me scared and flattered at the same time) here is where you can find me. E-mail marina.blogmvl@gmail.com Blogger http://www.minhavidaporumlivro.com.br Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Marina.blogmvl


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The Whole Golden World - Kristina Riggle

This was  an unexpected treat. I have not read other books by this author and must say i'm impressed with her narrative. Riggle has a way of showing feelings and povs that can really twist the readers mind. In this book the author addresses the problematic of a society that treats they're teenagers as adults. Adolescents wear adult clothes (particularly the girls), act like adults, smoke and have sex. So what is the limit line between a young adult and an adult? Does a teen have the right to make certain choices? When a seventeen years old have an affair with her teacher, who is to blame? Her parentes? The girl herself? Or the man who technically manipulated her?This was an interesting reading with a consistent plot and a stunning character development.  I hope this hit the bestseller list.


Obs: The book is not out yeat, so I'll hold further comments.